A team of entrepreneurs, left their lucrative jobs, came together and formed Odisha Rising Foundation (ORF) to advance the growth stories of Odisha to the globe. ORF is a social enterprise that incubate entrepreneurs and innovators. It helps the mediocre communities of Odisha to be self-reliant and autonomous through innovative projects and technological intervention so that everyone may live a life of self-worth and dignity. 

    ORF partner with different stakeholders to curate, connect, catalyse and communicate the idea of new Odisha that is emerging beyond its big cities and facilitate the change process by focusing on rural & tribal development. It is currently working in thirty districts, having its Head Office in Bhubaneswar and Zonal Offices in Sambalpur & Koraput respectively. ORF is informed by the Sustainable Development Goal(SDG) and NITI Aayog, thus committed to make this planet a better place to live in for ALL. 

    ORF aims to make lasting and sustainable change within rural areas of Odisha by bringing all communities together to create change locally, in a small but determined way.


    We are an impact-driven organisation focused on scalable & sustainable solutions for social impact. We partner with local Administration, CSR, Corporations, Philanthropists, Foundations, Social Organisations, Universities, FPOs, SHGs & Cooperatives – achieve their social impact goals effectively and maximise the return on social investment. We offer end- to-end support covering research, training, strategy CSR consulting, , programme management, impact assessment, social audit, talent solutions, direct implementation and more. 

    Our focus is on solving critical socio-economic problems locally through solutions that are S.P.I.E.R.S. (Sustainable, Practical, Innovative, Effective, Replicable, Scalable)

    At the heart of our work is our ability to collaborate with companies and organisations and leverage the strengths and capabilities of all involved stakeholders to maximise the impact locally.



    To enhance the high quality of life of the citizens by using technology and innovation in the field of education, healthcare, skilling, agriculture and climate change management.


    Building Odisha as a most progressive, inclusive and sustainable State for all.


    Odisha First
    In all our action, deeds and business; we will put Odisha first.

    Innovating and being creative
    New ideas drive continuous improvement.

    Driving toward results
    Our efficient, effective work meets measurable goals for today and tomorrow.

    Engaging the community
    All have a voice and are heard.

    Valuing employees
    Employee are supported and take pride in public service.

    Building public trust
    All have access to services and information. We work in an open, ethical and transparent manner.

    We work better together as one team. We are a valued partner in the community.


    ORF works with almost all the districts of Odisha with its partners and village volunteers.  

    We can't bring a change alone therefore we collaborate with local communities and design together the action plan for a sustainable ownership and impact.



    Rajlaxmi Dash

    Chief Operating Officer


    Akhaya Sagar

    Co-Founder & CEO


    Banajayatshana Pradhan

    Program Manager (Western Odisha)


    Alok Kumar Parichha

    Program Manager


    Ch Aishya Prakash

    Senior Program Manager


    Swapnil Swain



    Ranjit Singh



    The Board is a legal representative of ORF to all our stakeholders. It is primarily involved in setting the direction for the organisation, providing policy guidelines, mentoring, monitoring and evaluating its work. The Board meets at least once every quarter. None of the board members are related to each other and neither they are paid any remunerations.

    Akhaya Sagar


    Rajlaxmi Dash


    Paban Kumar

    Vice President & Member Trustee

    Ankam Srivalli



    Shri EL YANGER AIER IFS (Retd.)

    Education: B.Sc(Agriculture), M.Sc. (Forestry)

    Mr. Nirbhay Lumde

    Director, Corporate Social Responsibility – CGI, Asia Pacific Region


    ORF believes that a new model of governance – where priorities are determined by empowered communities to help overcome the challenges ahead and try to propose the solutions to its vast inequalities.

    Today, 21st century NGOs adopt best practices in governance as a part of their strategy. At ORF too, governance encompasses the non-negotiable values of accountability, transparency and partnership.

    We follow this approach with each individual or group that we partner, including vendors and third party suppliers. We actively engage advocates for child rights in particular and social justice in general, from among the educated, professional and business classes, from within and outside India. Governance is here to stay!

    With our development partners:

    • Selection criteria based on long-term strategy and values
    • Selection norms and processes designed for transparency
    • Multi-layered, participative, documented and audited grant sanctioning system
    • Data-driven, participative planning, monitoring and evaluation
    • Exhaustive financial and impact parameters – process and outcome
    • Internal and external audits – financial and programmatic
    • Financial risk management – training and funding support
    • Financial and capacity building inputs for organisation building including leadership building, democratic functioning, performance measurement and internal transparency

    With donors, media and government across markets:

    • Comprehensive reporting to donors and the public
    • Proactive transparency
    • Feedback mechanisms
    • Values, ethics screening
    • Norm and best practice bench-marking across for-profit and non-profit sectors
    • Active participation in development of sector norms across sectors

    With employees and our board:

    • Mission-centric performance planning, evaluation and reward systems
    • Conflict of interest and ethics policies
    • Democratic, participative, transparent decision-making
    • Formal and informal feedback mechanisms and forums
    • Documentation and independent audit
    • Consistent adherence to, and investments in, building mission and values led ethos and culture

    Stakeholders' Speak

    ORF vibrantly engaged through social mobilization to enhance the self employable skills/capacity of the underprivileged youths and particularly women to help them become productive entities with dignity for supplementing basic food security, healthcare and education requirements of the family. ORF has also facilitated many relief operations impacting many lives

    S S Patro DRDA

    ORF's diversified domain experience, knowledge sharing skills and need based approach has helped them being identified by OSF to implement its livelihood projects successfully and accelerate COVID-19 relief in Odisha. OSF could maximise its impact through their valuable partnership with ORF. It is worth partnering with them.

    John George OSF